Suggested Fine Motor Activities

Suggested Fine Motor Activities

Every fine motor activity uses a different combination of muscles and the stronger those muscles are the easier tasks like writing and typing will be in the future. Here are few suggested fine motor exercises and activities.

  • Find items hidden in putty or clay

  • Play with items with a trigger (water bottle, etc.)

  • Rubber bands on fingers and spread apart

  • Tricky Fingers game

  • Pop bubble wraps with fingertips and not the palm of the hand

  • Stress balls and other “therapy” balls to squeeze

  • Popping the dots on packing material

  • Use paper punches to make confetti

  • Place coin in coin jar

Functional Home Activities

  • Baking activities: mix dough with hands to make bread, cookies, make designs, etc.

  • Washing dishes and squeeze water out from sponge

  • Wipe down table with wet towel and dry after

  • Rinse wash cloth and squeeze water to hang it to dry

  • Using utensils at mealtimes to encourage cutting, spreading, opening, and closing.

  • Peel oranges and other similar fruits

  • Tie shoes, button shirts, and Lacing.

  • Planting flowers and trees along with watering them with a trigger spray

Fine Motor to promote precision

  • Color inside the line

  • Trace letters

  • Cutting on a line

  • Painting

  • Use Apps that promotes Fine Motor skills

To promote wrist extension, shoulder stabilization and trunk control

  • Tape paper on a wall to write, color, and trace.

  • Use slant board during table top activities

  • Prone (child on his stomach on the floor and supported by his elbows) to write, draw, color, read, etc.

  • Throwing a ball overhand

  • Weight bearing activities such as push up, wheelbarrow walks, and crab walks


Fine Motor

Suggested Activities

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