What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is an evidence-based practice that focuses on client’s performance. It addresses physical, social, and cognitive skills which enables us to carry out our daily activities.

Common occupational therapy services include helping children with disability in the school and home, rehabilitating adults with acute and chronic injuries, addressing ergonomic challenges at work, and assisting adults with physical and cognitive needs to reach individual goals. Occupational therapy services commonly include:

1. Individualized evaluation: using appropriate tools the occupational therapist does the evaluation and collaborates with client/family to determine needs and goals.

2. Treatment plan: the occupational therapist will determine treatment plan and help carry it out with client/family.

3. Re-evaluate: the occupational therapist will re-evaluate to measure outcomes and determine future goals.  

In short, occupational therapy is a holistic practice which adapts and molds the environment to fit the client’s needs.